Magic Prague

Magic Prague in winter

Last summer we were on our way back from Berlin when we took a little detour for a one day visit to Prague.  We were at the end of our vacation and didn’t expect much more from it, but after little walk in the city center I was totally hypnotized.  Surrounded by wonderful buildings, lots of people partying and having good beer down in the narrow cobble-stoned streets, no cars or any other vehicle in sight and the atmosphere felt a little like fairy tales.

I felt like I entered a different dimension in space-time and decided Prague deserved more than one day.  Unfortunately we had to come back home but I promised to myself thought I’d come back to Prague sooner or later.  A few weeks later Martina moved from Firenze to Prague and when she invited us for a visit we did not think twice.

We spent there the last weekend and found that in winter the medieval city center of this doorstep to the stars is even better, white snow everywhere and a little less tourists in the way.  Martina was very kind to be our guide and brought us to wonderful places we would have never reached otherwise, also telling us about the many juicy legends of the city such as Golem, places where you can do something to make a wish come true, devils and a water spirits with green coats living in the river, eggs being used to cement Charles Brigde and many others.

It was freezing cold so we had frequent breaks in all sorts of cafés and pubs.  One of the best places we visited is U Flekú, a famous brewery established back in 1499.  They brew their own lager, Flekovsky Tmavy Lezák, which is dark, tastes great and is not sold anywhere else in the world and also serve Becherovka a bitter liquor typical of the Czech republic.

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